Lead by Jiang Li
involving Chinese artists:
Lianne Cheong – Dancer,
Tim Paige – Beat boxing.


The project is a partnership between artists, teachers and pupils. Lead and directed by Jiang Li, all parties were involved in the whole project from the beginning. Based on Chinese culture and performing arts, topics included traditional Chinese music workshops, folk dance, story telling, drama, calligraphy, paper cutting, lantern making, music technology.  At the end of the ten week project, all participants and topics were combined for a stage performance.


This project involved Lodge Park Technology College and its feeder school Studfall Junior school. All participants worked together and were involved at every stage of the project.


Some key achievements:

Sharing skills and experiences,
Presented new ways of approaching creative learning,
Using classroom facilities more effectively.
Learning process is more important.
Pupil's voice is heard.