Chinese New Year Concert
BBC Philharmonic Orchestra Jazz Fusion

Combined traditional Chinese music with Jazz


To coincide with the Chinese New Year festival in Manchester 2004, our musicians worked with members of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra to present a series of concerts, workshops and events bringing together both Chinese and Western musicians and artistes.

"Jazz Fusion" is the first of this kind. Musicians from the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra together with musicians from China People Promotions experimented combining traditional Chinese music with Western Jazz music. The result was the creation of some remarkable pieces of music in a very short period of time. The concerts were held at the Bridgewater Hall and the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester on the 24th and 25th January.

Both musicians from the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and China People Promotions as well as the audience look forward to some more projects like this in the future.

Julian Gregory - Violin/Mandolin
Frances Pye - Violin
Matthew Compton - Keyboard
Sophie Hastings - Percussion
Jiang Li - Dulcimer, Chinese Percussion
Peter Willmott - Double Bass
Wang Chaohui - Pipa
Wang Shuhong - Erhu