Chinese culture paper cutting

Chinese paper cutting is one of the most popular folkarts that dating back to the 6th century. Many believed that the origin of papercutting is connected closely with the invention of paper making during the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 221 AD). The different types of papercuttings are for religious, festival celebrations, which they are pasted on doors, windows as house decorations. Although the paper to used including many qualities and colours, but red ones which believed to be lucky ones are the most popular ones.

Chinese paper cutting
Four Seasons Paper Cuttings

Chinese paper cutting The objects of papercuting covering birds, flowers, dragons, people, patterns also Chinese charters. The tools to used are paper, scissors, engraving knife and sometimes a cutting template.

Papercutting are mostly practiced by women in particular those who living in countrysides. In the past, most girls have to learn this and it was often used to judge brides.

It is not difficult to learn the basic of Chinese papercutting but it is very difficult to master it.

Papercutting brings people hope and comfort, they also express wishes and happiness.
Chinese culture paper cutting