China People Promotions is pleased to be commissioned by East Midlands Arts to undertake a research project into Chinese arts and culture in the East Midlands. This is the first project of this kind to be conducted by a Chinese professional organisation in the East Midlands region.

The aim of this project is to assess the activeness and circumstances of Chinese arts and cultural activities in the region. To interpret the views and needs of the general community as well as agents and government bodies at a local level, to raise the awareness of Chinese arts and to expand activities to a potential audience across the East Midlands.

Musicians and Street Questionnaire

The work will include wide-ranging consultation, questionnaire research at all levels. This work will result in the formulation of key recommendations on appropriate support, promotion and development of Chinese arts and culture in the East Midlands for the long-term.


BACKGROUND As China plays amore important role in the world there is a great deal of need for the general population at large to comprehend China and its history and to experience the richness of Chinese arts and Chinese culture. Chinese arts and culture are long due more recognition. See more......INTRODUCTION TO CHINA PEOPLE PROMOTIONSChina People Promotions is a non-profit making organisation based in Northampton. It exists to promote Chinese culture and arts through giving workshops, organising exhibitions, concerts, music festivals and music productions. The organisation promotes the majority of Chinese professional groups and individual artists throughout the country. China People Promotions organises events on its own as well as in co-operation with other organisations or promotional bodies. PLANThis research project is to target as many people as possible in the East Midlands region regardless of ethnic origin, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation. Research Chinese artists living in the region - building up a database; Finding out activities in the region - building up a regular event list; Consulting local councils and promotional bodies - building up partnerships.The first stage is to gather ideas together and consult all parties involved as well as those parties who may be able to provide advice and help. Draw up a time scaled detailed plan for the project from initial planning to final presentation and report.
Key periods include:
1) documentation preparations (letters, questionnaire forms, web pages, etc)

2) researching and progressing (including gathering target contacts, mail shots, telephone calls, visiting, street questionnaire, workshops, local media notification)

3) Presentations and reports. As well as documentation and final workshop presentation at the EMA, the result will also be presented in publication booklets printed out as reference for organisations who are looking for Chinese arts related information in the East Midlands region.KEY TASKSFind out about existing activities of Chinese arts and culture in the region by contacting key centres, artists, organisations, Chinese communities, agencies, schools, libraries, theatres, art galleries etc. Set up a list or database of anything related to promoting Chinese arts and culture in the East Midlands region.Make comparisons with other areas across the country (such as Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle).Make recommendations concerning the best use of a partnership approach to developing the profile and range of Chinese arts with arts organisations, local authorities, and other agencies and recommend options on the way forward.Specific Tasks1. Review the data collected by the partners involved in auditing the size and make-up of Chinese arts and culture in the region.

2. Develop outline of Chinese Arts Development Plan and its key recommendations.

3. Review published literature and information that makes reference to local, regional and national trends of the arts that could impact on the development of Chinese arts and culture in the East Midlands.

4. Take part in a number of small focus group discussions with groups and organisations involved in production, presentation and exhibition of Chinese arts and draw on the relevant information presented.

5. Identify priority areas for possible developments through Local Authorities and Arts Organisations.

6. Present report to the EMA Diversity Link Officers Group. This report will feed into regional planning for the continued support of culturally diverse arts in the East Midlands, and the Arts Council "Big Idea" initiative.AUDITAs a first stage an Audit of existing activity and provision will be completed. This snapshot will act as a guide in providing baseline information and signposting to individuals and organisations that should be consulted.TIMESCALEA written report in the form of a colour publication including images and descriptions of Chinese arts will be produced. The work will start from approximately October 2001, to be completed in first draft by beginning of April 2002. It is intended that the final report be completed by the end of May 2002. This is the predicted timetable though there is some room for negotiation within this timescale.