Chinese New Year Celebration 2005 in Weymouth

Enjoy and evening with Sweet Doll East - Friday 4th - Monday 7th February 2005
Pavilion Theatre Weymouth Presents, from the Peoples Republic of China , Sweet Doll East For their very first appearance in the UK , this group of beautiful women will stand before an array of exotic and ancient musical instruments.

Hailing from the Republic of China these gifted musicians re-create 1500 years of traditional Chinese music and make it contemporary. By fusing traditional instruments with modern harmonies and vibrant performances, they create a sound that crosses all cultural barriers, bringing unique tonal colours not only to their own composition, but also to Western standards. Their influences range far and wide, weaving jazz and pop styles into classical Chinese music.

To book your ticket for the Weymouth show, please visit www.weymouth.gov.uk for more information.