CHINA PEOPLE PROMOTIONS offer a variety of Chinese cultural education workshops for schools, community groups and festivals. Our workshops are tailor made to meet your requirements so are suitable for all ages and normally last for 45 minutes to one hour.Our workshop leaders work with thousands of children, young people and adults every year.

Example::Just in 2008, our workshop programme benefited more then 12,000 pupile from 68 schools, colleges, universities and community groups throughout the country.

These workshops provide participants an exclusive opportunity to learn and experience and ultimately have a greater understanding of Chinese culture. They are designed to complement and enrich the areas of multicultural studies and provide a rare hands-on opportunity.

Dance Workshops
Traditional Dance Workshop
Music Workshops
Chinese Intergenerational Music Project
(in collaboration with Sound It Out)

Topics include:
Traditional Chinese Music
Chinese Dance
Chinese Calligraphy / Characters
Tai Chi
Bei Jing Opera
Opera Face Painting
Story Telling
"Bamboo-book" making
Student life in China
and many Others...

Music Workshops
Music workshop in the classroom
Music Workshops
Hands on experience

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Workshop Programme example
The programme below is an example of what could be organised. Call us to discuss your needs or for further information.

Four artists for four different topics workshop. Each session lasts around 45 minutes or to suit your timetable. Groups of children can then rotate in turn around the workshops. This will maximise the number of children able to particpate. If time allows at the end of the day, the children can demonstrate to the rest of the school what they have learnt.

Topic 1: Tai Chi
To begin the Chinese themed day, particpants will take a tai chi workshop. Tai chi is a traditional Chinese exercise. It is a 400 year old art of mental and physical balance. Pupils will learn the key elements of tai chi movements. Practitioners believe that this form of exercise improves concentration, preparing the children for the exciting activites for the day ahead.

Topic 2: Chinese Traditional Music
Pupils will learn the differences of Chinese music and western music, Chinese instrument display, such as Erhu - Chinese Violin; dizi, Chinese Bamboo flute; Pipa; Guzheng - Chinese Harp etc. A demonstration of the instruments or videos of other Chinese instruments may be shown.

We can also arrange for traditional Chinese musicians to come in on the performance day and to perform along side the children.

Projects in the past have included using Chinese traditional music and Chinese with Jazz. If you have an idea or project in mind that you would like to discuss, please let us know.

Topic 3: Chinese Traditional Dance
Participants work with a professional dancer to learn Chinese dance techniques. They will learn the hand gestures and their symbolic meanings and use traditional props such as fans and ribbons. In an extended residency, participants can learn a complete dance to perform for others such as the rest of the school and to parents.

If you have a theme or project you are already working on and you would like the dance leader to choreograph a Chinese style dance for you that is also possible.

Topic 4: Chinese Calligraphy and Characters
Learn about the history of the Chinese written language and discover the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy. In this workshop, students will be taught basic Chinese words and how to write them with brush and ink.

Traditional Dance Workshop
Ribbon Dance Workshop
Calligraphy Workshops
Calligraphy Workshop

Our past clients include: Birmingham Music Service, Big About Music (Youth Music Zone), the Perse School for Girls, Cambridge, Roade Sports School, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and many others.

"loved playing the Chinese instruments‚" - Daniel aged 9

"The ribbon dance made me feel free‚" - Sophia aged 6

"I can now write my name in Chinese. Its great!‚" - Thomas aged 12

"The tai chi woke me up and made me more energised‚" - Brendan aged 7

"Many many thanks for a wonderful day. All the pupils and staff enjoyed the Chinese music and dance experiences. I will be recommending you to my colleagues, when they need Chinese artists.‚" - SEN teacher

"The girls had a very good time, so please thank your colleagues for all their hard work‚" - Coordinater


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