Frequently Asked Questions about our Educational Programmes:

We are looking for a Chinese artist/workshop leader to work with our year 7 pupils to learn about Chinese culture. Can you help?


Our professional artists and workshop leaders can provide different topics such as music, folk dance, storytelling, taichi and many other types of workshops to meet your needs.


Our school is located outside London. Is this a problem?


We are a nationwide professional Chinese artists network organisation and our members live throughout the country. We will always try to find artist(s) closest to you to keep costs down.


Can one artist run different topics?


Occasionally for small schools or small groups one artist will run different topics throughout the day.  This to keep your costs down and make the most of the day activities. This does depend on the individual artist and availability.


Are your artists CRB checked?


All our artists are CRB checked and they will provide it to our clients if required.


How long is each session?

Depending on your schools needs, normally about 45 minutes to 90 minutes in accordance to your school periods. However, duration can be flexible.


How many sessions can an artist run in a day?

Again it depends on your needs. Normally a school day is from 9am to 3:15 pm, there will be short breaks and lunch break. Up to 5 workshops per day is manageable.


Can we have the artist for half a day?

It is possible, please ask for a quote.


We have some ideas about the topics and the format of the day but they are not listed on your site. Can we setup our own programme?


In fact, most of our programmes are tailor made to meet individual needs. Please contact us to discuss further.


We have a school orchestra and want to be able to play Chinese music in our concert. Can you help us?


We regularly work with school orchestras for performance. Our composer will rearrange/write piece of music to suit your orchestras abilities, so each member of the orchestra will be able to join in and the tailored written score will suit each individual.  We have worked with string ensembles, woodwinds, Jazz ensembles, choirs, and percussion groups as well.  Even non-musical pupils can join in this way.

What ages and abilities are your workshops suitable for?

Our workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities.  Our workshop leaders will vary the sessions accordingly.

What topics can your provide?

We offer a variety of Chinese topics: music, composition, yiu gu drumming (waist drum), Culture, Life as a Student in China, folk dance, taichi, storytelling, paper cutting, calligraphy and characters, Mandarin, Beijing Opera, Beijing Opera Mask Making and others.

The topic we require is not listed.  Can you still do it?

Please contact us for other topics that are not listed.


We are a SEN school.  Can you provide workshops for us?


We find that SEN pupils react very positively and enjoy our workshops.  Let us know what your requirements are.


end faq