JIANG LI - Educations and Projects

Over the years, Jiang Li has been actively involved in many live performance promoting Chinese Culture and traditional performing arts, as well as educational projects for schools, colleges, universities and community groups.

Conducting at 50 China History Concert He also writes and produces music for different CD publishers and music media companies including traditional Chinese music, East Meets West, as well as contemporary style music.

2008 - 2009

Panoramic China - The Miracle of Shenzhen A multi-artform live performance to showcase the changes of China in the past 30 years.

Funded by the Arts Council England.

2008 Score for Duchy Parade Films Ltd. Cinema of Horror.
Music for the Beijing Olympics and songs for supporting Sichuan Earthquake victims.
Song of the Fishermen project New score for a classic silent movie. Collaboration with Chi2 and Kimho Ip. Performed at the Royal Opera House.

Creative partnership school educational projects in Northamptonshire.

JW Media - Chinese Music CD project.
3 songs for Beijing Olympic 2008.

Arc Music - Chinese New Year Music CD project.

Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod Project

Organiser and coordinator for the opening day of the 59th LIME organised and arranged for over 60 artists from both mainland China and the UK together to showcase the richness of Chinese culture to the festival.

This was the first time in the 58 years of the history LIME, a opening performance based on Chinese theme.

As the main person Jiang Li took charged right from the initial idea to the final production and the management of the touring trip directly from China.

Heart Of The Dragon - The performance included double dragon, double northern lion, traditional dance, traditional music.

Eisteddfod Evening Dance

Day time activities including operatic face painting, lantern making, calligraphy, music and dance workshop, kungfu demonstration, lion dance, acrobatic and dragon parade.

Eisteddfod music performance
Eisteddfod Stage performance

Jiang Li is the first Chinese artist's name on the Llangollen International Music Eisteddfod guest book.

January 2004 BBC Philharmonic Orchestra Jazz Fusion Project


Combining traditional Chinese with Jazz band, live performance at the Bridge Water Hall in Manchester.

2004 LCI Time Pirate Project


Recording in Beijing(left) | Xian Tang Paradise(right)

2004 Music Action Zone Project
Big About Music - Big Leap Project.
Series of Chinese traditional music workshops to 5 groups of pupils from Kettering and Corby.

Corby Junior Group On concert - Tiny Vegetable

Corby Brass Group Hands-On Workshop


Kettering Jazz Group In Concert

Corby Strings Orchestra in concert

ARC music CD production projects:

The Art Of Chinese Harp:

Classical Folk Music From China: "Dynasty", "Happy Maid", "Dream Till Tomorrow", "Bamboo Dance",

2003 BBC Tikkibilla programme:

Introducing Chinese Music

June 2003 NESTA (National Endowment of Science, Technology and the Arts) Fellowship Global Musical Collaboration Network Project Three years of research, development of Global Musical Collaboration Network with a focus on the link up of China to the West.


Digidesign Pro Tools training at Daly City SF, USA

2002 East Meets West Project -

UK Studio with UK musicians

Beijing Visit
Using the latest Internet and digital recording technology, first time to bring musicians together from China and the UK, to compose new music online in realtime.

Collaboration Studio in Beijing

With Sound Engineer from China Record

Live connection and composition on Chinese New Year Day 2002.
Live performance at the Roadmender, Northampton.

BskyB Relaunch Project - An unmissable display of traditional Chinese drumming with a contemporary content accompanied with spectacular dragon dance and contemporary dance.

Heart Of The Dragon at Birmingham Symphony Hall

At B Sky B relaunch London

Nov 2001 - Feb 2002:
Birmingham Schools Folk Festival - in partnership with the music service of Birmingham City Council Education Department. Series of music workshops resulting in a Chinese Operatic Percussion performance of the collaboration between the school of St. Edwards R.C.J.I Primary School and Chinese traditional musicians at the CBSO Centre..

Wang Shunxin CD2 Project

Nov 2000 - Feb 2001:
Birmingham Schools Folk Festival - in collaboration with the music service of Birmingham City Council Education Department. Series of music workshops resulting in the performance of the collaboration between the school band of St. Edwards R.C.J.I Primary School and Chinese traditional musicians.

Year of the Artist - Artist in Residence Project

Artist In Residence Project
New piece of music by retrieving information, thoughts and influences from the users of a Residence for the Elderly. Combination of Chinese traditional instruments and computer digital audio.

China Star - Chinese acrobatic company music CD project: "China Dragon", "Cylinder-Act", "Pyramid of Stars", "Magic".

BBC World Service Chinese Section Music Project - Title music for "10 years of 4th June Movement",
"100 years history of China", "China Real".

Working in Q-Lorc Centre
Chinese Intergenerational Project - in co-operation with Sound It Out Community Music and
the Q-Lorc Centre. Devised new vocal and percussion music with adults from the Birmingham Chinese Community Centre. Working closely with Crush Music. The finished composition was performed at the opening ceremony of the Q-Lorc Centre.

UK Chinese Acrobatic Company Music Project - "Lady Maria", "Lazy Hours", "Walking Elephant" etc. Combined style for live acrobatic live.
Chinese traditional music CD projects: Wang Shunxin CD Project. Xu Pingxin CD Project.
China Floods Appeal Project - "Rebuild the Great Wall" Chinese pop song composition.
Chinese Pop song "Feeling" - sang by Yanwen

"The Yellow Land" - Album Project, combining Chinese classical film music with Western style. Recorded with Jiang Li's band, as the first band as this kind in the Southern China.

April "Peking Brothers" - Zhao Zhen Ren, CD project. Combined style, traditional folk tunes.
May "The Horse and The Buffalo" Project (At the Institute of Contemporary Arts - London). interactive live performance, combined with computer generated music.

Far Eastern Arts CD Project - Commissioned by ARC Music, the sound tracks combined traditional Chinese folk songs, traditional instruments and synthesisers.
Emma '96 Karaoke CD Project.