CPP Music Productions is the only UK based Chinese Music Production facility. Based in the Midlands, our music production studio facilitates hosting of recording and editing hardware and software. By working with our own composer, and Chinese traditional musicians from both this country and mainland China, we can produce music to suit your every needs.

We are now also in Dean Street Studio Soho, London more detail...

CPP Music Productions specialises in oriental themed music to fit in your productions. We can compose/produce music for advert, documentaries, film, jingles, shows - music for all kinds of media. Mood music, special effects, full orchestral For TV companies, advertising agencies, internet, multimedia applications such as corporate ID and others.

Please contact us to discuss your music needs.

The Studio equipment list:

Behringer 48 channel dual input Eurodesk,
Mackie 1202 VLZ sub-mixer

Emu Proteus 2000 plus Virtuoso orchestra ROM card
Roland U220 sound module
Korg concert C-505 electric piano
Roland E86 Synthesiser
Akai S2000 digital sampler

Lexicom Alex digital effect processor
Lexicom MPX1 digital Multi effect processor
Focusrite Panta stereo compressor
Behringer ultra-dyne pro digital 24 bit mainframe model
Alesis Digital EQ

Alesis adat LX 20 digital multitrack recorder
Sony DAT recorder
Sony tape recorder
Freecom CD writer
HP DVD Writer

Audio-technica studio condenser mics
SE SE1A steroe Condenser (pair)
Shure SM 58 mics

Apple Mac G4 computer running Cubase VST/32, SX
Apple Mac G5 computer running Protools HD2 and LE
PC1 running Wavelab 4, Cubase SX,
PC2 running Gigastudio 3 (large traditional Chinese instrument sound library)
Digidesign Digi 002 interface
Digidesign 96 I/O interface
Motu MIDI MTP AV Timepiece interface
Motu micro express 4 in/6 out MIDI interface
M-audio USB 4x4 MIDI interface
Motu 2408 II digital interface
Motu 828 interface
Mackies HR 824 Pasive studio mornitors

Beijing Studio

Jiang Li in Xian - Time Pirate project

The Composer, UK based Jiang Li is a NESTA (National Endowment of Scenic, Technology and the Arts) Fellow awardee. His work involves composing new music combining Chinese music and western styles, as well as traditional Chinese styles.

Jiang Li is a qualified Digidesign Pro Tools operator. He is the key person involved in most areas of our music productions.

Our musicians are professionally trained Chinese instrument masters from both this country and mainland China. Depending on each productions' needs, we use musicians from Beijing Film Production Company Chinese Orchestra, Shanghai Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, soloists, and university professors.