Chinese culture

China is wonderous and awe-inspiring. It has a continuous history of five thousand years. It is the only continuous ancient civilisation. Other ancient civilisations have changed, discontinued, withered or perished. Why is it so enduring? Why is it so coherent, often sticking to itself, remaining undivided? Why is it so dynamic, always able to revive, regenerate and revitalise itself? Why is it an immortal phoenix able to rise again on its ashes? These are enduring questions.

To understand the citations of these mysteries, you need to know Chinese culture.

Chinese culture has the richest historical records and the Chinese have been most historically minded. These include a great deal of historical records from the pre-Christian era, not to mention the matchless twenty-six history books of the imperial dynasties. She is not the home of Buddhism, but she boasts of the richest Buddhist scriptures.

The richness of Chinese culture also finds expression in its diversity and pluralism. China has always been a country of many ethnic groups, such as Hans, Mongols, or Manchus, her various people always could live under the same roof, worshipped the same emperor. They form the Chinese nation.

The diversity and pluralism of Chinese culture is a tremendous asset. There is great awareness of this now. Increasing value is attached to this national treasure. Many giant western intellectuals have looked up to Chinese culture. Enlighten fathers drew inspiration from Confucianism. Some contemporary philosophers and psychiatrists have found cures for western illnesses in Chinese mysticism.

chinese culture

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