CHINA PEOPLE PROMORIONS (CPP) was formed in 1994 by a group of UK based Chinese musicians.  We promote Chinese arts and culture through organising concerts and festivals, Educational workshops, and music productions within the UK and Europe. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the standard and awareness of Chinese arts and culture across the UK and to improve the breadth and depth of the public knowledge of Chinese culture.

We have strong links with professional Chinese arts groups, independent artists and musicians in the UK. We also work with visiting Chinese artists from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and other parts of the world. As well as organising our own projects, many of our projects are in collaboration with other organisations throughout the country.

For a long time, people in this country had little or no chance of being entertained by professional Chinese artists. People have only recently become more aware of Chinese ethnic music. This has been possible due to the increasing cultural activities between China and England, also number of professional artists coming to this country as residents or as visitors. This has given us the opportunity to establish a nationwide network. We aim to promote Chinese arts and culture to a wide audience of all ages, gender and kind. Our services take particular emphasis in the education sector such as colleges, universities, schools and community groups alike.

Our other main activity of China People Promotions is: music productions (CPP Music Productions). As well as recording Chinese classical music on CDs, we also produce new music combining Chinese traditional and Western style music. We were commissioned by the BBC Radio World Service and have completed a number of projects including the logo for the Chinese section.

We welcome any suggestions to improve our services, or any opportunities for cooperation and different projects. You can send us an e-mail.